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Skipped a month

Posted: December 5, 2012 in random
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and here I am.

Currently I’m attached to a finance company as a temp staff – a one-month stint that delivers a pretty fat paycheck! Helping them out with small chores like data entry, photocopying stuff and even going to the post office to mail some letters – some days I have too many tasks to handle, and most of the days I’m left to do very little tasks or perhaps no task at all. Definitely not my dream job! I’m always trying to find interesting articles to read, or even vital things to do to fill up the hours. Frankly, I’d rather stay at home and babysit my nephew. But this is something that I’ve committed myself to and I’ve even signed some papers that say I’d need to stay in this job for one whole month – hence, I’m trying really hard to make myself useful – if not to the company, just for the sake of my ‘learning-self’.

It is a humbling experience – to work as an admin asst, doing clerical work. I know some people do look at me and think, she must have only passed her SPM and been doing this job for years – maybe she has a family to support, children to send to school etc etc etc. A few days ago, a co-worker approached me and spoke in my mother tongue (not his) – I guess he thought, like so many other admin asst they had before me, I can only speak and comprehend in my mother tongue. My mom said, such experience like this will keep me grounded – and when I go back to my executive desk, I’d always (hopefully) remain humble and be grateful to others who help me get through my daily routines by doing their appeared to be “small, trivial, unimportant” tasks.

Growing up, I’ve always seen my mother cleans her own toilet and bathroom, washes our clothes, cooks our food and even cleans and removes the clog in the drain on a daily basis. And that mother of mine is a former GM of a company owned by one of the biggest conglomerates here. Nope, I don’t mean to boast or brag. If she can do all this while being a GM, there’s no shame in wearing an admin asst shoes for a month and see how it feels. Ah tak kisah la pe orang nak kata, janji kita bahagia!