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Saya baru saja mula membaca sebuah buku bertajuk Solat Taubat: Panduan Menjernih Jiwa tulisan Muhammad Isa Selamat. Saya kira belum ada kesediaan untuk menulis ulasannya tetapi ada beberapa perkara yang telah saya highlight secara mental untuk saya ulas kemudian nanti.

Saya tertarik dengan beberapa potong ayat Al-Quran yang dimasukkan dalam penjelasan mengenai taubat. Jadi saya nak share dengan korang untuk renungan bersama. Sedikit disclaimer – ayat Al-Quran tidak boleh ditafsir atau diinterpretasikan tanpa ilmu dan pemahaman. Jadi kalau nak tau lebih lanjut boleh rujuk dengan mereka yang lebih pakar dan berilmu.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

[Al An’am, 6: 44]

Sahih International
So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We opened to them the doors of every [good] thing until, when they rejoiced in that which they were given, We seized them suddenly, and they were [then] in despair.

Kemudian apabila mereka melupakan apa yang telah diperingatkan mereka dengannya, Kami bukakan kepada mereka pintu-pintu segala kemewahan dan kesenangan, sehingga apabila mereka bergembira dan bersukaria dengan segala nikmat yang diberikan kepada mereka, Kami timpakan mereka secara mengejut (dengan bala bencana yang membinasakan), maka mereka pun berputus asa (dari mendapat sebarang pertolongan).

[Al An’am, 6: 45]

Sahih International

So the people that committed wrong were eliminated. And praise to Allah , Lord of the worlds.

Lalu kaum yang zalim itu dibinasakan sehingga terputus keturunannya. Dan (dengan itu bersyukurlah kerana musnahnya kezaliman, dengan menyebut): “Segala puji tertentu bagi Allah Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian Alam”.

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It’s all in the mind

Posted: October 9, 2013 in 2cent, random
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Kelakar baca entry pertama. Aku boleh bayangkan kepoyoan dan semangat menulis masa tu. I wish I’d have that determination every time, yes, every single time. I know that if I were to sit down and really focus on writing, I’d produce something great for myself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that others would find interesting or great, but it’d serve my purpose of writing. It’d make me happy. It’d make me smile. Macam tulah yang aku rasa bila baca entry yang pertama tadi.

Beberapa minggu lepas aku ada jugalah merungut pasal kerja. Kerja aku yang ini memang tak mendorong aku jadi kreatif, tak ada channel untuk aku luahkan idea dan pandagan. Pada mulanya aku rasa marah dan juga sedikit kecewa kerana kontrak dan juga janji-janji yang tak ditepati. But yesterday when I was playing with Amjad at home in between my work, I felt extremely grateful. Then it struck me. Bukan semua apa yang kita nak adalah yang terbaik untuk kita. With my current work arrangement I might be earning lesser and unable to be creative at work, but then I get to spend a lot of time around the people I love. I taught Amjad the alphabets yesterday and we drew ultraman, dogs, and stars together. I’m not trying to sound so negative, but probably this is the closest experience of having a kid of my own that I’d ever get in this life. So why am I complaining?

Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Mengetahui. And may your day would be as blessed as mine, insha Allah.



Image borrowed from Chuck Newton’s page

Jika berhasrat menggempur, sila kenakan perisai besi.
Jika tak ingin bertempur, nganga mulut lambunglah kuaci.

Funny how you’d still feel claustrophobic in such a vast open space – the outer space!


It had been a rather challenging week. Work – trying to prove my worth – and planning a family vacation with such a limited time and resources. Will blog about those two perhaps later. 

On Friday, I somehow managed to set some time aside to watch a movie with my friend. We wanted to watch something light and decided that we ought to watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball 2. But they only have the 3D version during that time, so we opted for Gravity. Sandra Bullock is one of my favourite actors, but the real reason we chose this was because of the showtime. I kind of watched the trailer the night before – not too sure whether I would enjoy such movie – but since Sandra and George are awesome actors, we decided to dive in.

See the title up there? It summarizes the whole experience. From the beginning of the reel, there’s a lot of drama and emotions simply translated into the dialogues between the characters and the cinematography. The trauma, fear, sadness, loneliness and lost-of-hope-almost and triumph gripped every muscle in my body. I kept on imagining what would I do if I were in such situation – to a certain extent I felt like I’m drowning in the darkness, the unknown open space. And I really have to take off my hat to the actors, director and production crew for making such a great movie with only two main characters and perhaps three or four supporting characters (if you count the two dead bodies in Explorer and the Houston-based voice as well).

This is a haunting story. It makes you think about it over and over and over again, even two days after you’ve left the cinema – happened to me lah hence this post. What would you do if you’re alone in the open space and the only way to survive is to be creative and improvise? When Sandra said she had never prayed in her life and she didn’t even know how to and wondered if it’s already too late, it gave a huge impact on me. It made me assess my relationship with my God and asked myself if I had ever tried enough in this life.

My favourite moment in this movie is when Sandra entered the Soyuz and curled up like a baby in its mother’s womb. The security of such place gave me a huge relief – earlier my chest felt congested, thanks to the suspense built by the awesome plot. 

Nah, watch the trailer and if it doesn’t entice you enough, let me tell you this..if you want to watch something different, with minimal characters and the ones that you can really feel and empathize with, this is a movie that you MUST watch. If you love Sandra Bullock and/or George Clooney, go and watch it today! I’d give it a 5 star!