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My first blog entry was posted on 1st July 2003. I didn’t realise it has been 12 years since that very first post (20030701). Last night I hard some trouble sleeping. I was too tired that I can’t bring my eyes to shut and distract my brain to get some rest. Yeah, the irony of it. So, I spent my sleepless night reading the old entries in my old blog.

I envy the freedom in my past write-ups and the time I had to write them down. I’m not sure if I’m merely making excuses not to write as much of late or if it is genuinely due to the workload at office and ‘social obligations’ at home. I am even struggling to finish reading a book nowadays. The reason I’m writing today is because I believe I need to make time for things that I love, hence, here I am.

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This is not my first blogspace. I have had several prior to this one. At the moment, I try to maintain two separate blogs; this and another blog for reviewing purposes. Sometimes I forgot that the reviewing blog was meant for product/app/book reviews and poured my heart and two cents in it. I shall try to maintain my discipline in writing and also at the appropriate platforms.

What’s new with my life? I’ve recently been entrusted with project management tasks. I am struggling with the endless reporting and QA parts. The rest is pretty manageable but I find myself quite uncomfortable with it. I’m not sure if I’m just in a phase or I really don’t enjoy this new role. But hey, it’s just a job as my manager told me. So, just learn to take one step a day.

I have also added a few more links to my blogroll. Go on and have a roll 😉

Good day people.