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Borrowed from thecurvyroadrunner

I’ve stopped giving excuses to myself and started working out.

Not that I didn’t workout at all before, I was not very systematic and disciplined with my routine.

My favourite excuses include:

  • The only time I have is night time! I won’t be able to go to bed early if I worked out at night. The adrenaline would still be lingering around until 1am!
  • I do workout – when I teach kickboxing, every Saturday and sometimes I jog on the treadmill. (that’s kinda embarrassing, really!)
  • I can’t afford gym membership. Besides, I don’t have time to go to the gym after work.
  • Yes, I do have dumbbells at home but I don’t know the right technique to lift them. What if I dislocate my wrist or shoulder?

So today, I’ve finally given up giving excuses and went to find Coach Kozak on youtube. I had enjoyed his workout sessions not too long ago and now I am ready to be committed. Wish me luck!

Check out HASfit youtube channel here and its website here.

p/s: I did the 10-mins Abs workout for beginner and 10-mins leg workout for beginner. Feeling awesome!