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Critique and criticism can come in many forms. From the biggest critics to the most insignificant persons (most of the time, you don’t even know the existence of this person) on social media.

Not all criticism are negative and bad for you. Sometimes, you can even learn from it (so long as the critique is not a personal attack and of course not articulated by a person who has no idea what’s the real issue is about).

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, my two nephews knocked on my room door. They wanted to come in and checked why I was not yet at work. I usually would have left the house before they arrived. I let them in and continued combing my hair. MJ, the bigger boy, asked, “Cik Loy tak kerja ke hari ni?” (Aren’t you working today?). I told him that I was getting ready for work. He looked puzzled so I asked him, “Kenapa?” (What’s wrong?). And then came the most unsuspecting critique ever:

“Kenapa Cik Loy pakai baju sukan? Hari ni hari sukan ke?”
(Why are you wearing sports attire? Is it Sports Day?)

I was speechless for a moment. I wasn’t at all expecting this. I was wearing my grey slack and blue shirt – my normal office attire. #sakitnyatudisini

I wore something like this. Not tucked-in though. And probably no cute face put on. Image borrowed from:

I wore something like this. Not tucked-in though. And probably no cute face put on, nor slender figure.
Image borrowed from: 


potty training day 1

Posted: June 5, 2013 in babysitting

Yeap, Am is big enough for potty training, I think. He speaks fluently and his vocabulary is impressive for a 2.5 year old. So I decided that it’s time for him to ask for the washroom whenever necessary.

I bathed him and put on his clothes without his diapers. He didn’t ask anything but I told him that from now on he should tell me when he needs to go to the washroom. He agreed. I reminded him several times and he kept saying, “ok, boleh,” so I went to the kitchen and started cooking. A few minutes later he called for me and told me Billy the cat went upstairs. It was a relief, I thought he’d already peed in his pants. Not long after that, he called for me again and pointed to his pants – drenched, even the seat he’s sitting on was wet. So I carried him to the toilet and cleaned him up. Brought the chair outside and cleaned it and left it in the sun to dry. I reminded Am that he needs to pee at the toilet. He nodded his head.

I left him with Father and went back to cooking. The phone rang. Am picked it up and passed it to his Grandpa. Grandpa was busy talking on the phone when Am walked into the kitchen to tell me that he’d wet his pants again. I had to trace the ‘crime scene’ and cleaned it, mopped it several times and even cleaned along the hallway and the kitchen because I wasn’t sure where he’d walked.

30 minutes later, I brought him to the toilet again and asked him to pee. It was a success though I had to convince him that it’s alright to pee in the toilet bowl. From there onwards, throughout the day, we managed to keep the unwanted incident away though there were a few false alarms. I’m so proud of Am that I told everyone he’s not wearing diapers the whole day. I’m one proud ‘mom’!