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Borrowed from thecurvyroadrunner

I’ve stopped giving excuses to myself and started working out.

Not that I didn’t workout at all before, I was not very systematic and disciplined with my routine.

My favourite excuses include:

  • The only time I have is night time! I won’t be able to go to bed early if I worked out at night. The adrenaline would still be lingering around until 1am!
  • I do workout – when I teach kickboxing, every Saturday and sometimes I jog on the treadmill. (that’s kinda embarrassing, really!)
  • I can’t afford gym membership. Besides, I don’t have time to go to the gym after work.
  • Yes, I do have dumbbells at home but I don’t know the right technique to lift them. What if I dislocate my wrist or shoulder?

So today, I’ve finally given up giving excuses and went to find Coach Kozak on youtube. I had enjoyed his workout sessions not too long ago and now I am ready to be committed. Wish me luck!

Check out HASfit youtube channel here and its website here.

p/s: I did the 10-mins Abs workout for beginner and 10-mins leg workout for beginner. Feeling awesome!



Last week and this week have been pretty hectic for me.

I attended a seminar from 5-8th Feb, hence I had very little time to push myself to do workout. Anyhow, I managed to do some squats in the morning and night before I went to sleep. It was really exhaustive. Pushing yourself at the end of a long day and in the morning where you practically had to drag your body out of bed and doing squats in the bathroom – phew, I deserve a pat on the back.

2 Feb 2015
– Jillian Michaels’ “Shred it with weights” (go search for it on youtube)
– 25 mins, a pair of 5kg dumbbells

3 Feb 2015
– 15 sit ups
– 15 crunches
– 5 leg raises
– 10 seconds plank (push-up position)
– 30 squats (#LJSquat Challenge Day 1)

4 Feb 2015
– 35 squats – only! (#LJSquat Challenge Day 2)

5 Feb 2015

6 Feb 2015
– 40 squats – only! (#LJSquat Challenge Day 3)

7 Feb 2015
– 45 squats – only! (not part of the Challenge – I miscalculated)

8 Feb 2015

Target weight – 55kg
Current weight – 68kg

You can do better babe! You know you’re much stronger than the coffee you’re addicted to! C’mon!!!

Alright, I only managed to do two and a half workout sessions the past week i.e. the 1st week of Hey Jillian! session. Half because I was teaching a kickboxing class and half of the time I’d be part of the class and do the routine with my friends, and half of the time I’d be checking their techniques and explaining, demonstrating to them the more accurate way of doing things. So yeah, half.

28 Jan 2015
– Stationary bicycle
– 30 mins, 11.9km
– 30 seconds all-out cycling, 15 seconds rest = 1 set
– 7 sets, 5 repetitions. 45 seconds break in between repetitions.
– Almost fell off the bike but all was good, thighs and calves were burning a bit. Still felt fantastic!

29 Jan 2015
– HASFIT 15 minutes beginner’s weight workout
– 5kg dumbbells
– Mannnnnn! My arms!!

1 Feb 2015
– Kickboxing class .. Self-defense
– Warming up session (need to conduct dynamic warming up session from here on)
– Newbies in class so focused on jab, cross and turning kick.
– For SD, had some fun throwing and choking people around :p all was good.

Starting weight on 28 Jan 2015 – 68kg. Current weight on 1 Feb 2015 – still 68kg. It’s ok, we’re gonna take this slow and steady and win the race very soon.

It’s 2015 and yeah it’s been more than a year since my last entry. Bogged down with work and life as always.

The reason I’ve returned is because I need a channel to record my ‘getting fit journey’. And probably to vent out once in a while, if the necessity arises later :p

I want to be happier, healthier, fitter and more comfortable in my own skin hence I’m taking charge of my life from here onwards.

Earlier this year I went to a motivational workshop, the kind that I would never had registered myself in a thousand years even if somebody had offered me a million dollars. I am still clueless why I made that first step. The only thing that seems reasonable enough to me is because I want something better for myself..especially when it comes to my relationship with my Creator, the almighty Allah. And yeah, it’s funny that I chose to go to a workshop conducted by a billionaire who has helped thousands of businesses to grow and retain their businesses for years instead of going to a religious lecture or the likes. As I said, I’m still clueless.

When I left the workshop, I realised that I need to change a lot of things in my life to get myself back on the right track. Hence, I’m slowly picking up myself and heading towards that path. It’s not easy and I have to admit, I’ve failed in the very first challenge. But failing is never the ending. I need to focus and get back up again. I am trying and I know I’ll stumble along the way but I hope those falls will only make me stronger and humbler.

Alright, enough of that “self-righteous” speech :p let’s focus on getting our Iman increased and our body healthier and ourselves wealthier biiznillah insha Allah.

From this post onwards, if you see Hey Jillian in the title or tag, please know that the entry would be talking about my workout sessions and probably my admiration for the ripped body of Jillian Micheals hahaha. Ok, now that that’s already out of the way, allow me to write the next post on my workout sessions. Later peeps. Salam alaikum, peace be upon each and every one of you.