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My first blog entry was posted on 1st July 2003. I didn’t realise it has been 12 years since that very first post (20030701). Last night I hard some trouble sleeping. I was too tired that I can’t bring my eyes to shut and distract my brain to get some rest. Yeah, the irony of it. So, I spent my sleepless night reading the old entries in my old blog.

I envy the freedom in my past write-ups and the time I had to write them down. I’m not sure if I’m merely making excuses not to write as much of late or if it is genuinely due to the workload at office and ‘social obligations’ at home. I am even struggling to finish reading a book nowadays. The reason I’m writing today is because I believe I need to make time for things that I love, hence, here I am.

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This is not my first blogspace. I have had several prior to this one. At the moment, I try to maintain two separate blogs; this and another blog for reviewing purposes. Sometimes I forgot that the reviewing blog was meant for product/app/book reviews and poured my heart and two cents in it. I shall try to maintain my discipline in writing and also at the appropriate platforms.

What’s new with my life? I’ve recently been entrusted with project management tasks. I am struggling with the endless reporting and QA parts. The rest is pretty manageable but I find myself quite uncomfortable with it. I’m not sure if I’m just in a phase or I really don’t enjoy this new role. But hey, it’s just a job as my manager told me. So, just learn to take one step a day.

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Good day people.




I can say that at this moment, alhamdulillah, I’m comfortable with my life. A good paying job in one of the biggest conglomerates, a hobby that has turned into a part-time job, still have my parents around, great siblings, great friends. Alhamdulillah.

However, of late, I’m getting more and more pressured by my work environment. I have a boss that I dislike the way s/he (not going to reveal the gender) manages the team. S/he seldom speaks to you directly and always asks one of her/his ‘trusted allies’ to ask us questions or make requests for certain things. One of the things that really ticks me off is her/his decision to demote a senior member of the team who was leading a smaller unit and promoted her/his ‘trusted ally’. It was done without proper distribution of information. The senior team member didn’t even know about this until an email was sent to the whole team announcing a new structure. No prior notice, he wasn’t given any explanation nor any chance to explain himself should the fault lies in his court. Everyone else was as shocked as he was. I, for one, was as frustrated as he was, or at least, my disappointment was big enough to push me to contemplate a green pasture elsewhere.

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I’m tired of being negative at work and I am also tired of being positive and trying to justify everything that the boss do just to console my broken heart. A friend told me not to invest too much emotionally in my job. I find it hard to do because I am very passionate about my work.

At this stage of life, if I’m looking for a job, I’m looking for a more meaningful one. The one that can satisfy both my pocket and more importantly my soul. Let’s face it, I have commitments too, hence money is important, not going to deny that. I’m already in my 30s, I want something that soothes my soul; something that makes me want to get up every morning happily and go to work at my highest energy level and being ever positive going about my daily routine. The question now is, where would I find such job? Any recommendations?

Critique and criticism can come in many forms. From the biggest critics to the most insignificant persons (most of the time, you don’t even know the existence of this person) on social media.

Not all criticism are negative and bad for you. Sometimes, you can even learn from it (so long as the critique is not a personal attack and of course not articulated by a person who has no idea what’s the real issue is about).

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, my two nephews knocked on my room door. They wanted to come in and checked why I was not yet at work. I usually would have left the house before they arrived. I let them in and continued combing my hair. MJ, the bigger boy, asked, “Cik Loy tak kerja ke hari ni?” (Aren’t you working today?). I told him that I was getting ready for work. He looked puzzled so I asked him, “Kenapa?” (What’s wrong?). And then came the most unsuspecting critique ever:

“Kenapa Cik Loy pakai baju sukan? Hari ni hari sukan ke?”
(Why are you wearing sports attire? Is it Sports Day?)

I was speechless for a moment. I wasn’t at all expecting this. I was wearing my grey slack and blue shirt – my normal office attire. #sakitnyatudisini

I wore something like this. Not tucked-in though. And probably no cute face put on. Image borrowed from:

I wore something like this. Not tucked-in though. And probably no cute face put on, nor slender figure.
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It’s all in the mind

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Kelakar baca entry pertama. Aku boleh bayangkan kepoyoan dan semangat menulis masa tu. I wish I’d have that determination every time, yes, every single time. I know that if I were to sit down and really focus on writing, I’d produce something great for myself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that others would find interesting or great, but it’d serve my purpose of writing. It’d make me happy. It’d make me smile. Macam tulah yang aku rasa bila baca entry yang pertama tadi.

Beberapa minggu lepas aku ada jugalah merungut pasal kerja. Kerja aku yang ini memang tak mendorong aku jadi kreatif, tak ada channel untuk aku luahkan idea dan pandagan. Pada mulanya aku rasa marah dan juga sedikit kecewa kerana kontrak dan juga janji-janji yang tak ditepati. But yesterday when I was playing with Amjad at home in between my work, I felt extremely grateful. Then it struck me. Bukan semua apa yang kita nak adalah yang terbaik untuk kita. With my current work arrangement I might be earning lesser and unable to be creative at work, but then I get to spend a lot of time around the people I love. I taught Amjad the alphabets yesterday and we drew ultraman, dogs, and stars together. I’m not trying to sound so negative, but probably this is the closest experience of having a kid of my own that I’d ever get in this life. So why am I complaining?

Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Mengetahui. And may your day would be as blessed as mine, insha Allah.



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They are among the people who made me smile today. Even in their absence, our good times and memories remain with me (at least). I wish both of you a good life and I hope to find my version of happy ending too.

Did I stand a chance if I danced with you then?

Would we be riding big ben together if I was brave enough to ask you for your phone number?

Gotta let go of the past and hope for a better future. Adieu my dearest happy feet and oyster card.


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Yes, it can be very depressing.

When you tell somebody you’re a freelancer, one of the first things that would come to their mind is, “Does s/he make enough money to survive?”

My honest answer at the moment – No. Hence I am looking for a full time job that offers a better prospect in terms of career growth and benefits.

Job-hunting is not easy. It can it be very depressing when you went for an interview and you’re made to believe that you’ve done very well (usually accompanied by the interviewer’s assuring compliments and ‘bewilderment’ over your skills and abilities in answering the questions and presenting yourself) but ended up not getting any call from the interviewer after a week or two. This is a vicious cycle. But I am one tough nut to crack – I will not give up as easily. May Allah reward my effort and bless me with the very best job soon. Aamiin.

p/s: If you need a smart, witty and excellent writer, drop your email address in the comment area. I’d be glad to assist you should we reach an agreement on the cost and approach. 😉 #selfadvertising

Haze-y week

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Jerebu! Can’t even see the sky..all is white and foggy and smoke is everywhere. More people seek treatment at the local clinics and hospitals for haze related health problems.

Let’s pray that the haze will clear out soon. Aamiin.