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When we first met in the interview, I knew instantly that it’d be cool to work with you. But I didn’t anticipate that it would take months before we finally warmed up to each other.

I see myself in you, a lot. I hate to admit that because it hurts seeing you going through so many obstacles in this life and realising that I’d react the same way you did. We’re both egg shells – we appear hardened on the outside, but truly we’re sensitive and mellow inside.

The day I decided to stand up for you in the meeting room, I knew that I had chosen a friend for life.


Everything that happens in this life serves a purpose or many.

I’m not going to say that I’m alright with what happened earlier on. I’m still blaming myself for it, but I truly understand that I can’t revoke what I’ve said and done. I can only ask for forgiveness from those who’re involved. And most importantly seek forgiveness from Allah for letting my anger and emotions took over me.

I know things are not going to be the same again but I do hope it will only make me better.